A different Kind of Spring

As we move deeper into the spring of 2020, I find myself having to surrender in order to reap the benefits of this changing season. Usually I would feel this spring impulse as a push forward, a surge within me to clean, reorganise and energetically clear every nook and cranny of my temple and soul. Internally and externally

This Spring I’m noticing that I’m feeling cold, uninspired, challenged. How cool, that I can notice that. It’s not what or who I am , it’s simply how I feel.

I also know that the ebb and flow of the heavens right now is calling me to move deeper into my self and realign with who I am. A deeper more cellular cleanse than ever before. This is what 2020 has been about. Meeting our boundary codnitions and asking ourselves the questions, the hard questions, the only 2 questions we really need to know the answers to

Who am I ?


What is my purpose?

To shed the expectations of our tribes and begin to be our true selves. To simply be who we are not who the world expects us to be.

Mind blowing hey.

For some of us, we have this, our values and beliefs are all in alignment and we can always come back to them to find our ground. Our clear Yes and No. From a loving place, a connection we can communicate with our greater communities and the ones we love, through this connection we feel seen, heard and loved.

For others of us we are having to look at the ways in which we protect ourselves. Here is where the growth is calling us. What are you protecting yourself from?

What is it you’re afraid of?

How did you begin to live a life of survival and not the life you love?

To be worthy, loveable and enough are the corner stones of our self esteem and it’s here we begin to find our answers. Each of us has a plethora of feelings.

How many feelings within you can you notice and can you name right now?

Each of us have individual needs that we have to honour. Each of us has internal boundaries that we need to rediscover and find appropriate language for. Regardless of how these defining qualities may have been stomped on as children, it is now our time to reparent ourselves and get on with living the life we love.


Who am I ?


What is my purpose?

The human race is shifting, we all have the awesome opportunity to raise our conscious awareness through this time which means we can gain a deeper awareness of ourselves and our purpose.

I can’t help but see the human race as one big jigsaw puzzle, not one piece being more important that another. Each one of us must live our journey as authentically as we can, in order to create this beautiful picture that we live and breath on this planet. We must be this for peace to be our new norm.

If we love ourselves, we love our planet

If we are well, our planet is well

If we can love and accept each other for our differences we could find peace.

The human race has so far to go. So many, letting go of fear , or surrendering the past, their pain, they identify with their pain and their power.

Thats not where we are headed.

This is the path to extinction

The only certainty is the certainty I create in myself and do my work and share this with others.

I do this everyday to the best of my ability.

Now I have to dig deep. I have to dig in the garden of my oldest limiting beliefs and uproot them out of my garden, Keep experimenting with different things until I find my passion, my energy, my will to get this spring up and running . Make sure I prioritise my coaching sessions so I can create new beliefs and be accountable.

I cherish my feelings of being cold, uninspired and challenged as these feelings are what is in my way, which lets me know this is the way. To keep surrendering, being curious, resilient, taking a risk.

What is going to lift these feelings and bring me to a place of inspiration, connection to self and vitality?

Where do I start?

On the mat of course. Yoga is awesome, for me. This is where being able to flow and use yoga as a source of self expression is gold. No fixed practice. Listening to my body, allowing it to move, to find my creativity and balance. Coming back to my temple and listening to what I need. I hear my body say enough! Support me through nutrition, alignment. Love me and together we will change the world.

From here I can begin to welcome spring and this massive impulse of being nothing other than who I am.

An organism of complete and unconditional LOVE, just like you.

How are you going to meet your challenges this Spring?

I’m here, digging up my garden and planting beautiful new crops for these coming years ahead.

Care to join me?