Yoga Really Changed My Life

About Madhu

As a kid, I felt like a round peg in a square hole.

An only child in a world of adults. An observer of life. As I grew, this developed into mental health struggles in a time that didn’t acknowledge mental health. I was super challenged, but my happy disposition kept me afloat.

I got married and had my first child.


I was encouraged to do yoga. And I did.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

As a Yoga student at Yoga in Daily life Melbourne. I loved the feeling of flowing from one asana to another, working in unison with my breath, feeling my body stretch, my mind focused and clear, fully in the present moment. . .

With each practice, I began to notice my mind was pushed into the background or was not there at all. I had more energy, more enthusiasm and my body was a more comfortable place to be.

I wanted to know why. What was this phenomenon that happened to me every time I got on the mat?

I signed up to learn more. Then, I signed up to be a yoga teacher. Then the realization hit me that I would have to practice every day. What! Where? How? On my own, with no teacher?

The following few months, mmmmm years were the most awkward of my life.

Creating space for my morning practice in a family of 6 was difficult. I really struggled with it. I found myself trying to fit somewhere around the furniture.

Some days I would gladly give in and go back to bed. The next day (or sometimes the next week), I would start again, with firm resolve, that I could create space for myself and that I could be diligent with my practice.

Finally, after some time, I created and devoted space for myself. A place where I could begin to feel an inner life of calm and connection.

I began to experience an internal softening within, which now was reflecting into my external world.

Life seemed to flow

More easily, even through the busy, hectic times.

I won the battle of self-care and self-love. It wasn’t easy, it was at times quite lonely and challenging as no-one could do it for me. However, a little encouragement would have been awesome!

So here I am on a mission to encourage you to stretch, breathe and centre yourself every morning before you start your day. To be that voice of encouragement for you.

I want you to feel the difference daily yoga practice can make in your life. Your own self-care, in the form of Yoga.

Some of the benefits you will experience are comfort in your own body, less stress in the body and mind, better sleeping patterns, present moment awareness, focus and calm. What benefits would you like to receive from your well-being practice?

Join me for a class, I would absolutely love to meet you!

Hari Om Madhu x