Are you living your full Potential?

Today this is the focus I am bringing to your awareness.

Today it’s all about YOU.

The quintessential you….

To reach your full potential is to be the person you see in your minds eye and feel in your heart. The person you long to be. The person you know you are! Does this true version of you seem just out of reach? Maybe you cannot seem to reach this goal, to be your quintessential self. This brings a weight into my heart.

Why are we not supporting ourselves to be this person? Why do we get distracted ,anxious, procrastinate, distort, generalise and blame.

Why is there no time for you?

Try this on!

As little ones we were born with qualities that are our birthright. The qualities that gave us the determination and skills to walk, talk, connect and achieve. The qualities that gave us our unique ways to navigate the world. Through the first years of life as we grow and become familiar with the world, through our history of becoming cultivated beings, these qualities have been denied , mocked and feared by the authorities in our lives.

We learn to protect ourselves and live in fear rather that to connect with ourselves and live in freedom. This is the way we have been told how to be in the world, controlled, ‘civilised’. We have been ‘encouraged’ to follow suit, to not be unique or seen or come up with an idea that might create … dare I say it …change! OMG as I sit here and think of all of the examples I could give I feel anger, deep sorrow, grief and loss, determination and hope.

When we live as we are meant to live, connected with our unique selves using all these qualities, we are free. When we find and recover our own unique internal compass, with these qualities intact and activated, we can hear and can answer the only 2 questions we ever have to answer. The knowledge our caretakers don’t want us to have access to – who am I and what is my purpose?

You know who you are and what your calling is!

You can see, smell, touch taste and hear your full potential