Transforming your Relationships

We are quite simply thinking and feeling machines. Through our practice of yoga, our journey teaches us to become the observer of our thoughts and our feelings and to choose how we express them, preferably in a resourceful, healthy way. Emotions are a tricky thing. They are little triggers that can cause momentary pops and… Continue reading Transforming your Relationships

Healthy Relationships

Do you find you’re so busy looking after everybody else there’s just no time for you AND to add salt to this wound, no-one seems to really care or consider you? We all long to have loving healthy connection with friends family and colleagues, so what is that goes awry? In my blog this month… Continue reading Healthy Relationships

Dare to believe in yourself and calm critical self talk

Critical self talk can be debilitating when we believe what the monkey mind is telling us. Beliefs are core to calming and taming this critical self banter that, for the most part, is deeply ingrained within us, and we don’t even realise this chatter or limiting beliefs are driving our choices and decisions. Uncovering these beliefs… Continue reading Dare to believe in yourself and calm critical self talk

The 5th house

The 5th house I am the light July 23 – August 23 2022 As we follow the stars on our personal growth journey here at Yoga for the People, we are now transitioning from the 4th house lessons to the 5th house lessons. I am the light. This house is governed by the Sun and… Continue reading The 5th house

The cycle of Growth

The cycle of Growth Benjamin Franklin said “Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems to promise it will be durable; but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes,” And indeed he had a point. Our lives are changing so rapidly in this current world climate. It’s not only a world wide… Continue reading The cycle of Growth

Do you feel heard?

Do you feel heard? I know in my own life this has been one of the biggest struggles for me and in my home. The skill of listening to another does not come easy, and that is exactly what it is, listening is a skill. How about this as food for thought. When you learn… Continue reading Do you feel heard?

Warmth for Self, finding my boundaries through self inquiry

Warmth for Self, finding my boundaries through self inquiry I don’t do yoga for fitness. Fitness is not what inspires me to get out of bed in the morning. Fitness is not my why. It’s necessary and can be a secondary gain and not why I do yoga To know why is what creates the… Continue reading Warmth for Self, finding my boundaries through self inquiry

Embracing and understanding wholeness

Embracing and understanding wholeness Todays share is a tiny view into the world according to Madhu. I have read many texts and studied different types of healing and spirituality and have therefore come up with my own understandings of how I work, how a realisation feels for me and the meaning that I give to… Continue reading Embracing and understanding wholeness

Sacred Space

Sacred Space When I first started my daily practice of yoga, I lived in a tiny apartment with 2 small children and my husband. I rolled my mat out half under the dining/kitchen table and felt so awkward, trying to do this “stupid practice”. My love for yoga and this amazing path, thank goodness, was… Continue reading Sacred Space

Ishvapranidhanani, a big word with a big meaning

Ishvapranidhanani, a big word with a big meaning This morning I was recording a podcast with my dear friends Jill Harris, from Kyo Yoga and healing. We covered Kriya Yoga, the first Sutra of the second Chapter in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. I want to write today about Isvarapranidhanani , which in translation means, (Frans Moores,… Continue reading Ishvapranidhanani, a big word with a big meaning