Foundations of Yoga

A Beginners Retreat

Beginners Yoga retreat

Have you had an inner interest in Yoga but you’re just not confident enough to take that first step?

This beginners Yoga retreat is designed To move you gently into the practice of Yoga and gain a great understanding about how yoga effects your body, mind and soul, to bring all 3 together to find present, peace and purpose in your life.

Your body is your vehicle for LIFE. The practice of yoga takes an effective approach to keeping your body, mind and soul in peak working order. Once you have the foundations of yoga in your tool kit, you will be able to create your own routines and rituals around all the pillars of a healthy life. Yoga has a profound effect on all the systems of the body and you can call on this practice to find balance and harmony in your daily life.
NOVEMBER 25-27 is the weekend to immerse yourself into a life style of health and healing. Off the beaten tracks in Ballan Victoria is a humble retreat lodge that holds 10 people ( including me). Each room is twin share only. We will meet here after 4 on Friday and this small group of seekers will flow through until 2pm Sunday. Ballan is only 1 hour from Geelong and about an hour from Melbourne. An easy drive and gorgeous place to Begin.

Our program intention is to

You Will Enjoy Delicious Food

Did I mention the delicious vegetarian menu? This will assist you in feeling clean and energised.. There will be plenty of sweet treats, tea and coffee as I like to be real about food and life. There will be no alcohol, smoking or recreational drugs welcome.

By Sunday afternoon you will have the tools and the understanding to roll out your mat anywhere and practice Yoga with confidence.

Our goal

We have a program balanced with learning and relaxation, knowledge and fun. Our goal is for you to be in a fun and friendly environment, where your questions are welcome and you learn through experience and delight.

Imagine yourself after a weekend devoted to YOU, your health and your wellbeing. This will be the beginning point for you to take charge of you health and wellbeing and begin to get your body moving with ease, to calm the wild horse that is your mind and, find that inner peace that you are so craving right now.

We wont leave you stranded.

After your weekend, we will support you with online classes and webinars to keep you inspired and practising Yoga.

What Includes

Meet Your Host


Yoga For The People

Long-time Yoga practitioner, experienced Yoga educator, self-care and wellness coach & Mama.