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Now, more than ever, it is so important to have an intention for your day, month, year and life . . .

To get out of bed with a rhythm that will hold you in your day, to create strength and flexibility in body, mind and soul. To join a community of people who are also striving to be their best at a time where change and adversity are the norm.

Join us to create rhythm, strength, flexibility, joy and abundant energy in your day. ​


We are a membership group with loads of inspo and connection in our fun, life-loving community.


Come in a 6 am AEST or
choose a time that suits you best.


$97 a month
Great value and great results.

Mandala 2

What my clients are saying.

Daneen Littlejohn

I love the level of care, encouragement unconditional support from Madhu. Taking time to breathe and practice self-care makes a significant impact- some of us know this, but Madhu helps you connect and see how this can benefit you. Thank you, Madhu.

You are Amazing

Henrike Schreer

THIS WOMAN!!! 💛💚❤️ Madhu is a yoga teacher & life coach and an absolute star! ✨

Her 28 Day Challenge combines the wisdom of the feminine cycle, yoga, meditation and mindful living... and all of that delivered online so you can participate in your own time and FINALLY CREATE THAT DAILY ROUTINE so many of us keep talking about but fail to create and sustain... Thrilled to be on this journey with you Madhu!!!

Bec Campbell

Thank you Madhu! I’ve had a lot on over the past week but have managed to get to the mat every day, sometimes later than usual but, I feel so inspired to find time for this. And my intention is coming to fruition also. I thank you for helping me find consistency and direction in my life.

Rossie Stewart

Thank you Madhu!

I love love love your sessions and am grateful for a beautiful reason to rise early and start each day with you.

The breathing practices have improved my lung problems- posture and endurance when walking-mselflove, which is my goal. I feel quite emotional through the meditation when I allow myself to flow and accept the joy this holds.

My gratitude to you for showing me the path to my second goal of peace within.

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Each Week Follows a System

- Day 1 & 2 -

We focus on the body to bring alignment, strength, and flexibility.

- Day 3 & 4 -

We bring awareness to the Breath, opening and clearing tension from the body, which raises your energy levels.

- Day 5 & 6 -

We do the Reps for the mind, developing present moment awareness and clarity.

- Day 7 -

This is meditation day! You have a beautiful connection with your body and flow through the practice at your own pace with the video simply as a guide.

This is your adventure. Bring your vision and, let’s make it happen!

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