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Life can become really challenging at times and the metaphorical hole I can find myself falling down can become deeper and harder to climb back out of. I can find my thoughts and worries begin to whirl which then causes anxiety which then becomes physical tightness either in the throat region or chest and then I suffer symptoms of panic and flight and fright and I find I can’t focus on simple tasks and I then become a mental and emotional wreck not able to get back to the surface or ground myself.

My meditation and coaching sessions with Madhu online (I live interstate) have helped me to stop, breathe, listen acknowledge and work through the issues and feelings that arise as I live day to day or as I navigate new territory (new career path) and deal with old belief patterns that hinder moving forward through life. 

With a deeper awareness of myself and ability to acknowledge when detrimental thoughts or feelings occur again through the work I have done with her I have the inner tools to help myself when times call for extra support.  Stop, breathe and listen and be prepared to do the work, we are responsible for ourselves, no one else can do it for us but with the right guidance and education we can become the best versions of ourselves and contribute as a whole person instead of being broken and fragmented.   

Thankyou Madhu for your continued guidance, this ought to be taught in mainstream education as a compulsory part of the curriculum.

Stephanie S


My cup is filled madhu!


I'm ready for my first day back at work, travelling to Germany so this was the perfect way to still focus on the presence first.

Elien Vandamme