The cycle of Growth

Benjamin Franklin said “Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems to promise it will be durable; but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes,” And indeed he had a point.

Our lives are changing so rapidly in this current world climate. It’s not only a world wide pandemic. Theres wars, revolutions, natural disasters, environmental debate and much more going on right now that points to a time where we all need to make changes in our lives. This will show up in your life as either simple shifts and changes or mammoth life decisions. What we do as individuals is vital to the health and wellbeing of our planet, our communities and our families. To choose love over fear, positive over negative, responsibility over drama. To pivot and see a new way forward is vital to our physical, energetic, mental and spiritual health. Change is happening, we either flow with it or push back.

Have you ever swam “up” stream in a river? You become exhausted and the river (I’m in the Murray) wins. Even if you grab a log, that flow or force never stops. It’s much easier to take a chance, go with the flow and see where the river takes you. Maybe you’ll come upon a raft, or see some friends that will help you. You can swim to the side or take a risk and discover what is around the bend. This, I feel, is the picture and the movement of the energy we are having to deal with right now.

These last couple of lockdowns have given me the time and space to travel deep into myself. I’d love to share my process with you in the hope that if you resinate with any of this I can support you with some tools and ideas, that you will find at the back end of this blog.

Please enjoy

Do you ever feel like you’re internally switched off?

There’s loads to do however you can’t seem to get into your inner world places that you need to get too , to know what you need to know, in order to continue and do the things you need to do. It’s like you’re completely disconnected from yourself, even though you’re very much here in the moment. This could be when we wonder “who am I being”

As I implement growth and change into my life ( forced or willing ) sometimes this can happen.

This can signify a time of transition and transformation a time where I am being called to see things differently. To listen to my inner calling and begin to take steps, choose actions to be who I now need to be.

Just like that space in the birthing of a child, the time in-between being fully dilated and actually giving birth. I remember this so vividly from my birthing experiences you can’t fight the force and if you do bad stuff can happen. That baby has to come out!!!!. Now I notice this space in my life when I am about to move into a new phase of being. If I back out now bad things could happen, so I gather all my gusto and surrender to the force or the flow.

I done the work of self inquiry and opening up to new ideas, working through the learning, and integrating my new understandings. Then God, Source, Spirit or that which connects us all, maybe you know this as intuition, awakens in me and says , “Here you go little lady, let me help you with that.” Then the shift begins. This is when I’ve hit the bottom of the barrel. I used to have to be curled in a ball crying in order to surrender. Now I just fall to my knees and say YES


I have to look at my life and take better care of myself, I have to accept what I have to do, to birth a new version of me, committing to being who I need to be in order to do what I need to do next, not according to my old ways, taking new steps forward. Taking different actions

When I begin this part of the shift , it’s a bit like an earthquake. I get this crazy fear arise within me. My mind goes ballistic trying to create reasons why I feel so disconnected from myself, the voice in my head telling me how safe my old ways are and that I should stick within the parameters of my limiting beliefs or of what I know. For me this shows up as fear …….. There’s something wrong with me, what if, I can’t, oh no, but or I might ……..How does this show up for you? The illusion here is that I’m disconnected from myself and I don’t know what Im doing. If this was true this would be scary. The truth is that I simply need to be quiet and allow the shift to happen. To acknowledge my fears and back myself. Yes you are going to try some thing different, thats scary and you can handle it. Be still in the cracking of my earth and get curious about what is coming next and get on with it.

Now I choose to move into awareness. I check in with my body and see what I need. I calm my mind by becoming warm with myself and I take action in a way that keeps the day to day activity ball rolling and nurtures me, at the same time. I welcome the transition with Grace and Love.

I choose stillness, rest and allow inner strength to build. Feed my body with nourishing food and plenty of water, I give myself a break away from Screens (Social media, TV, movies…..) and choose to read and create, preparing for this new self to come forth. Actually bringing this new being, this new awareness into the light, realising as I go what I now need to do differently to be the person I want to be.

Yep this can be pretty messy and freaky. With awareness you make it through with the new you ready to make this world a better place simply because you are in the world and you accept yourself without apology.

Here we enter into the reconnect. Fully rebooted and ready to take on the world with a new perspective, with new ideas and productive outcomes.

If you experience this and find this a difficult place to be, here are some tips around how to be “in it” rather than ran away or create drama and miss this the opportunity of growth into a more resourceful life. Closing the gap on who you are being now to who you need to be to attain your future happy you. To unpeeled the layers that keep you in the old ways of perfectionism, overwhelm, overthinking, procrastination, stress, and mild cases of depression and anxiety. To be born out into the world to love and serve Self and those around you. Those that need what you do.

The force within serves all of us and speaks to us from the inside.

What do you need to do?

How can your skills and knowledge support those around you with out enforcing your beliefs on others?

How can you contribute with love, compassion and kindness with out selling out?

Where can you say Yes or No without becoming emotive?

What skills do you have now that bring you to where you want to be?

Some questions to help you to ponder your next steps

Here are some of the skills and tool I use and I suggest for those who are deciding to let go of the old ways and begin to live a life that moves with that greater force. That force is your truth, your calling and your why. To fight this is futile.

Give these tricks a go and please jump onto our facebook page and give some feed back, or send me an email with any questions or experiences you want to share. 

1. When you feel tired rest.

Don’t deny yourself the reboot. A short yoga nidra or seated body scan can bring you a refreshing energy boost even if its just for a few moments. Let yourself go, notice and release all tension in your body. Be with your body and surrender into the feelings of tiredness. After just 5 mins you can snap out and feel fully refreshed.

2. Practice yoga first thing in the morning.

Raise your energy by doing 20 mins of asana with a focus on twists and forward bends in the beginning and backbends towards the end. This removes energy that no longer serves, then brings new energy in for the day.

3. Take some time to breathe.

Focus your mind on equal inhale and exhale, using 4 seconds as a starting place. If you can take longer smoother breaths GREAT, simply keep them the same length. Set your timer for 5 mins and see how you feel afterwards.

4. Swap out a tea or coffee for herbal tea.

Especially in the afternoon. If you need a lift anything with liquorice or fennel is delicious and has a slightly sweet taste which is great if your body is craving a little pickup. This has a natural gentle stimulating effect so not before bed. Chamomile tea is great before bed if your struggling to sleep.

5. Practice being warm with yourself.

Imagine what you would suggest or do for someone else if they felt the way you do and try it out on yourself. Imagine you are a beautiful flower bud and give yourself the affirmations and validation you need to open out to be a flower in bloom

6. Lean in

Listen to your body, understand what it is saying and give your body what it needs. Learn to understand what your body needs and what your body wants. The body holds so much intel about hoe you feel, what you need and the boundaries you keep. Listen and accept.

These are just a few ways to nature and love yourself when you are feeling a little lost and unsure in what is a very uncertain time. If you see the uncertainty as an opportunity in your life rather than a problem you will feel light and fresh and brand new before you know it. Make some new goals, let that dopamine kick in that is the driver and feel the excitement and adventure of something new and striving towards what is calling you.

3 2 1 G O

Accept and allow change and be the beautiful shining light that you are.