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Our Mission

Create RITUAL to bring well-being to all busy women out there

INSPIRE them to know themselves through consistent practice.

ENCOURAGE them to release the stories that are holding them back.

And EMPOWER them to create fresh experiences and zest for life.

Hi I'm Madhu

I facilitate a self-care ritual that creates time and space in your day so you can begin your day in present moment awareness and live a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Have you had enough of hearing your own excuses about how there’s never any time for you?


Worse than this, you believe there is no time for you?

Then this consistent, self-care practice is for you!

Drawing from the ancient wisdom of yogic philosophy and modern coaching techniques, my intention is to create a safe place to explore and nurture your inner world.

Using Movement, Mindfulness, Meditation and Mindset, I assist you to develop a strong connection to yourself, to shift a self defeating mindset and to live your life FEELING WHOLE and PURPOSEFUL.

The knock-on effect is that you will begin to feel abundant energy, an inner glow of health and well-being, and a mindset of knowing you can handle whatever comes your way.

This is Shyamala, one of the Members of the Rise and Shine Studio. Hear how the Rise and Shine changed her life.

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What To Expect

To feel
and clear
To start
your day on
the front foot
Create new
To be a part of a community contributing to others well being

What Makes Us Different

Our system to success works like this.

7 days of 1 practice,

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If you have any concerns or queries, click here to send me an email. Book a time for a phone chat. Together we can find out if the Rise and Shine Studio is right for you.

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Madhu’s Passion is supporting you in taking your health and well-being into your own hands by showing up for yourself every day.

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