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What is Self-Care Practice

What is Self-Care Practice

As we create the habit of tuning out from our day-today business and make time for ourselves, even small amounts of time, we begin to feel more comfort in our bodies, clarity of mind and connection with our spirit or core self…withdrawing from the external world & moving gently within, bringing a sense of curiosity and wonder.

To notice your inner voice and take steps towards developing your mind to be your best friend. To replace “I can’t” with “how can I?” Taking the time to get to know your needs, to feel your feelings, and realise your boundaries.
Self-care is being able to take time to notice what is alive in you and be consciously moving toward living a life that you love, on your terms.

Join Us

Together, we will explore the different skills and tools of self-care with the intention for you to reconnect with presence and your authenticity, to relax, ewind and revitalise your sense of wellbeing.

Our dream for you is to take these skills and teachings home with you and continue to practice self-care daily. This way you can maintain connection to self, comfort and clarity, so every day can be as beneficial as the ones you will experience at the retreat… Selfcare is a new lifestyle. Live it and feel the difference.

You will return home inspired and motivated by what you have experienced over these few days. The benefits will last a lifetime.

TheProgram Includes

The Program Includes

About the accommodation

6 Rooms with ensuite 3 Room with shared bathroom Bedrooms have panel heating and aircon if required. Our Yoga and program room along with living areas have wood fire heating. Linen and towels provided.

There are magnificent gardens to wander in and a garden room dedicated to our Yoga and self care program.

Casa Andante

Casa Andante

as the names suggests, is a place of tranquility where life takes on a slower pace.


as the names suggests, is a place of happiness and joy

Relax in the beautiful gardens

Relax in the beautiful gardens 2
Relax in the beautiful gardens 3

Practice and learn self care in the specially equiped Garden room

You will Enjoy Delicious Food

You will Enjoy Delicious Food prepared for us on site By Rose Carrington, a wonderful artisan cook from the local community.

All food will be freshly-prepared with seasonal locally sourced produce. The food will be delicious vegetarian/vegan, keeping the yogi ethos in mind. Sweet treats + tea & coffee will also be provided throughout your stay.

*Please notify us before booking if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies.

About the venue

Casa Andante & Allegra are light filled, elegant yet relaxed and comfortable spacious homes. The outlook and position of these magnificent homes makes it a perfect property for retreats in all seasons. Enjoy al fresco dining in the garden, a walk in the spacious gardens, or read a book by the fire place.

Your investment that will change the way you live your life

Room with private ensuite

Room with private ensuite

2 nights accommodation in the beautiful homes Alegra & Andante

Retreat programs Meals

Sweet treats + tea and coffee A retreat gift to take home and support you in your self-care practices

Room with shared bathroom

Room with shared bathroom

There is so much value for you in this weekend that you will take home with you and continue to use for the years ahead. I can't wait to spend this whole weekend with YOU Learning, laughing and living into our peace and wisdom Together

Meet Your Host


Yoga For The People

Long-time Yoga practitioner, experienced Yoga educator, self-care and wellness coach & Mama.