The 5th house

I am the light

July 23 - August 23 2022

As we follow the stars on our personal growth journey here at Yoga for the People, we are now transitioning from the 4th house lessons to the 5th house lessons.

I am the light.

This house is governed by the Sun and the constellation of Leo. The energy here is one of owning our own Uniqueness and shining out into the world as we are, in our authenticity, knowing we are worthy, loveable and enough, acting through courage, radiating confidence and taking action with confidence, from the heart.

We have been taught by our tribes how to be in the world, to identify with specific ways to be like the tribe. This creates a safety and can be a good place to be . For those of us who rebel or depend on those around us to validate us, its highly likely that these norms did not match our personal values and we feel varying degrees of discomfort, squirminess. Self doubt grows like a weed and we feel stuck.

I used to experience this with my mother quite often. She would be telling me what to do with a very strong forceful intent and I felt I had no choice but to do what she said. The consequences weren’t so great. I would go against what I knew was right for me, what my gut, heart and head were clearly expressing and always, without fail it would backfire and make my life chaos. Blessings to my mum, she was trying to keep me safe and to teach me to get things right. She didn’t realise that I was not her , and that I had a path to forge for myself and this intact would have been the way to be safe.

As an adult I worked this out and my strategy was to keep my distance and begin to live life on my terms. To explore who I was and what was calling to me. This took great courage and this is one of the key words of this energy

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. Mark Twain

Courage is an impulse of the heart centre and an action that needs to be taken. Moving towards the challenge rather than moving away from it. What ever evokes fear in us , we must engage curiosity, spontaneity optimism and do the thing that will enrich our lives. That nervous feeling has the same physiology as excitement, its simply the label that we give it. To give this feeling the meaning you want it to have will start the courage muscles growth and before you know it you will be excited about what ever you weree afraid of. To live a true and authentic life we must have the courage to take action and choose to be seen as we are, warts and all. To be as bright as the Sun, our luminous radiant self. To express and feel. Thats what this energy is all about. The courage to be you. To have your own standards, and expectation and live up to them. To know your attribute, beliefs and values and bring focus to these. The good stuff, strengthen what we have and what we don’t have will not matter or can be worked with in bite size pieces.

Let’s be courageous and enough to guide our tribes to see our light and know that we can handle what ever comes our way. Also let’s be a part of the tribes that see and love us simply for who we are and expect nothing other than for you to be authentic and honest in thought, feeling and action. Just to be you.

The ego has a big roll to play in the confidence game. In yogic terms the ego is called Asmita and is a Klesa. The Klesas are the afflictions of the mind, that which causes suffering. When they are present and strong we will be experiencing mental health issues.

In anthroposophical Philosophy they talk about the Ego in terms of “ little i” and the “big I.” The more I have learned about this from other sources, coaching and a course in miracles, the more I realise that The Big I is being the true self, that is purposeful and has great wisdom and meaning. The self that is connected to those around, that lives in present moment awareness and alway acts from of a place of Love, Kindness and Compassion, taking responsibility for what happens in their lives.

The little “i” is the ego that we have come to know in our modern culture. The fearful, disconnected self. The mind that perceives and identifies with the dramas and stories of life, The one who finds excuses and says things like : I can’t” and sinks back into the world of being unseen.
We have all been here, right!

This is where we begin to identify with self doubt leading to anxiety, depression. procrastination. overthinking, overwhelm and stress. We think we become these conditions and experience disempowered

Most of us move between the scale of fear and love, in varying degrees and in different parts of our lives. Where the little i shows up is the indicator of where we need to grow . Where we could take a chance and find the courage and sterngth to lean in and DO the thing that is challenging until it’s not challenging any more. This takes action. So where do we begin?

On the mat of course

Our spine and heart centre are the physical energetic and mental centre of this energy. We want to be able to stand upright, and allow the feelings of greatness to come in and flow out. To have strong shoulders arms, chest and back so we feel the strength of our infinite power.,Shakti.

In your yoga practice have the intention to open your heart through back bends ( like Warrior 1, cobra, bridge pose) and strengthen your upper body with weight bearing asana. (like plank, downfall dog, crocodile, crow pose. ) Feel the light of the Sun glowing within you and harness this power through working with the Manipur chakra ( Solar plexus)
Stand straight and strong turning your palms outward and let the light radiate from your magnificent centre and feel your whole body say

“ Here I am”

See yourself and all the great qualities that you have and use them in your practice. Choose what you think and feel on the mat and keep coming back to it when your mind falls back into old habits. You will succeed.

Fear is there when we think about our challenges, and grows, the more we think about it- what we get is what we focus on Courage turns up when we act, and magnifies, the more we do the thing that was challenging, until it stops being a challenge, and we’re ready for the next level of growth

Where do you show up in this energy?

Get out your wheel of life.

On a scale of 1-10 How confident are you in each area of your life?

You will feel more confident in some areas than others.

What gives you confidence in these areas ? Take this knowledge and plant it in the areas where you don’t have a lot of confidence and begin to live this into one area of your life at a time until you have maximum “Big I “confidence every day.

What will it take to pay attention to the call of your heart rather than pay attention to what your tribes want from you?

This is the time to build confidence as Leo season encourages growth in this area. Live your own shining light and be your unique self. Know you are growing and contributing to a world that needs you to live your dharma (purpose) not drama and be the example of contentment and peace.

Thats what we’re all after right?

Peace and Contentment.

Thats what we will find as we enter this energy of the 5th house and give ourselves this time every day, When we put ourselves first in a resourceful and loving way, take action and be in our radiance.

Your uniqueness, courage and confidence is validated and seen here at Yoga for the People. This daily practice is designed to bring you to the mat daily so you can experience yourself as authentic and confident every day.


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